The Best Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in West Hollywood, CA

If you need dependable, quality plumbing repairs for a faulty garbage disposal, call My West Hollywood Plumber Hero today. As the area’s preferred plumbing service, we help thousands of homeowners every year tackle their garbage disposal problems. From pesky, clogged drains to leaks and power failures, there isn’t a problem that we can’t fix effectively and in record time.

How Our Garbage Repairs Are Made

When you call us for plumbing service in West Hollywood, CA, we know you are counting on us to make quality repairs that will last. Our plumbing experts take their jobs seriously.

Repairing a broken garbage disposal is a complex process. First, the technician will examine the appliance to determine the exact reason for its failure. He or she will then make recommendations for repairs, which may include replacing blades, rewiring the motor, or performing drain cleaning services. No matter what repairs need to be made, you can be certain that our plumbers will go above and beyond to find the most cost effective solution to solve your problem.

Can You Troubleshoot with Me Over the Phone?

You bet! We help homeowners make minor adjustments to their disposals to help save money. While we don’t recommend that you make major repairs without professional assistance, there are certain things you can check on your own that may get your disposal up and running again.

Many times a disposal will turn off when its motor is overworked. This doesn’t mean your disposal is broken. It simply means that it needs to be reset. You can do this easily by locating the reset button on the motor.

Call Us When You Need Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

Are you purchasing a new garbage disposal? If so, give us a call and let us assist you with professional garbage disposal installation. When you hire a licensed plumber in West Hollywood, CA, you have peace of mind that the installation will be completed correctly. Amateur installation performed by property owners or well-meaning friends can sometimes lead to wiring problems and poor performance. It can also void your warranty. Why take the chance?

Our plumbing professionals are local contractors that are up to date on city codes and regulations. They have years of experience and undergo annual training to make sure their skills are always top-notch.

For maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment for garbage disposal repair or installation, give us a call today!